French Canadians protesting interim coach for only speaking English

The city of Montreal is very proud of their French Heritage. The nickname Habs for the Montreal Canadiens, even stands for Habitants, which refered to early French settlers in Canada. But fans are not happy that interim coach Randy Cunneyworth only speaks English. 68% consider French their first language, while only 16% speaks English.

While only three players on the current roster can speak French, Two French groups, French Quebec Movement and French Movement Montreal, are planning to protest Cunneyworth as coach outside the Bell Centre on Jan. 7, when the Habs host the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Mike Tyson as Herman Cain

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Boston Bruins refuse shots from Ryan Reynolds

It’s hard to find a hockey player who will turn down a drink… try 22 of them. But when Ryan Reynolds sent a round of shots to the Boston Bruins, they refused. It didn’t help that Reynolds defended his hometown Vancouver Canucks to the Bruins earlier in the night.

And in good reason, the Canucks lost to the Bruins in a tough 7 game series. After the harsh exchange of words, the Canadian actor tried to make amends, but the Bruins gave the tequila shots to a Bachelorette party at a nearby table.

At least Reynolds gave it his best shot…

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Alexander Ovechkin in Russian rap video

Proof that stupid is an international language… NHL star Alexander Ovechkin stars in a Russians rap video. Enjoy!

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