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Details of LeBron James NYE engagment

LeBron James is getting a ring… although it may not be the NBA Championship ring he hoped for. The Miami Heat star proposed to his long time girlfriend Savanah Brinson on New Years Eve. Brinson showed off her engagement ring at the Heat- Atalanta Hawks game.

LeBron is offering little details saying, “She would love to answer more questions about it than me. But she’s happy, my family’s happy and that’s what it’s all about. . . It should be a surprise. For any woman, any time something like that happens, she was surprised.”

Dwyane Wade was in charge of holding the ring for LeBron, and unlike his teammate, Wade dished on the proposal.

“He kind of caught her in a moment right after New Year’s after we all did the countdown when everybody was (yelling), ‘Happy New Year.’ Then he got her. So it was good. To me, it felt like he was on his knee for an hour. It probably was like 35 seconds. It was great.”

Brinson and James have been dating since high school and have two children together. Congrats to the Happy Couple!

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LeBron James mocks himself in new McDonalds commerical

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NBA player Delonte West applies for job at Home Depot

Despite making $14 million in the NBA, Boston Celtics Delonte West has applied for a job at Home Depot during the NBA lockout. West broke the news to his Twitter followers saying, ” It’s official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game.”

Unlike most players, who are taking their talents to Europe during the league’s hiatus over labor disputes, West is not able to leave the country after he was put on probation on gun charges.

West is most famously known for allegedly having an affair with LeBron James’ mom, which help attribute to LeBron leaving Cleveland. And it doesn’t look like West can ask LeBron for any of his $45 million during the lockout!

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LeBron James not liked in Florida either!

Today marks the one year anniversary of LeBron James’ Decision, when he announced in an ESPN special he would be taking his talents to South Beach and would sign with the Miami Heat.

Those six words embarked furry on the entire nation, after LeBron left his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers in the dusk! But in a recent survey by the Miami News, not even Florida likes him. According to Public Policy Polling, only 22% of Floridians like LeBron and only 14% of people identified the Miami Heat as their favorite Florida sports team. The Heat were not even the most well liked team in Miami, with the Dolphins taking 16% of the vote.

While LeBron doesn’t have the biggest fan base in the Sunshine state, the survey said that only 24 percent have an unfavorable opinion, while 54 percent are unsure. Lucky for LeBron, when he wakes up he is still LeBron James, and we all have the same problems.

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