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Obama plays pickup basketball with NBA Champions on Election day

President Obama has won at least one important matchup today, winning a pickup basketball game on the morning of Election Day. The President played with former Chicago Bulls players Scottie Pippen and Randy Brown, winning by 20-points.

The pickup game has become an Election Day tradition, which started during the 2007 Iowa Caucus with a then underdog Obama. This time playing with former NBA Champions, the President’s brother-in-law and Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass, Reggie Love, Mike Ramos and Marty Nesbitt.

Image via Chicago Bulls

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Video: Carlos Boozer’s son cheers for Miami Heat


In a case of mistaken identity, Carlos Boozer’s son is seen cheering for the Miami Heat during yesterday’s Chicago Bulls-Heat matchup. Boozer has faced his fair share of criticism for lack of defensive and inconsistent play, and apparently his son agrees.

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Carlos Boozer raps while Bulls lose to Heat


Carlos Boozer joins the ranks of NBA players with a rap songs. In his song, “SuperBest,” Boozer raps: “Run back down the court like “You know it was Boozer!” used to be another li’l fella with some hoop dreams, Now I got the game laced up, shoestrings”

Maybe Boozer should stick to playing basketball… the $15m a year Chicago Bulls player had only seven points in the Bulls’ loss to the Miami Heat last night in Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

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Hawks leave tickets for Orlando’s Jameer Nelson in Chicago

The NBA playoffs are the hottest tickets in town in Chicago, but there were two noticeable empty seats last night at the United Center for Game 1 of the Orlando Magic- Chicago Bulls second round matchup. Just before the end of the regular season, the Bulls and Magic faced eachother. After the game, Orlando’s Jameer Nelson was caught on camera telling Bulls’ Derrick Rose, “I’ll catch you in the second round.” But Nelson ran into one small road block, the Atlanta Hawks bounced the Magic in the first round.

Luckily, the Hawks were there to help Nelson out by leaving two tickets in his name at will-call at Chicago’s United Center. Head of Atlanta Hawks PR Arthur Triche tweeted, @HawksPRGuy, “Taking a page out of [former NFL coach] Jerry Glanville’s book, I think I’ll follow through on Jameer’s request to catch Derrick Rose in the 2nd round.”

While the tickets were not claimed, in Nelson’s defense they were in the 300 section!

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