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Super Bowl ring seized in cartel drug bust

Talk about a drug ring… Chicago police seized a Super Bowl XLV ring in a drug bust with connections to a Mexican drug cartel. Agents seized 20 kilograms of heroin, $1.4 million in cash and 18 firearms. The Super Bowl ring was apraised at $9,999, but it is not known how the drug traffickers came into possession of the ring belonging to a Packers executive.

The Chicago Drug Enforcement Administration was able to arrest six of the seven targets in the bust after using electronic surveillance in a six month investigation.

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Donald Driver struggles with Dancing With The Stars fame

Green Bay Packers wide receiver and the newest winner of Dancing With The Stars is struggling with his new fame from the show. Despite catching more passes than any other Green Bay Packers receiver, more people know Driver from the celebrity dance competition.

The 13-year NFL veteran told ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt, “As a dancer at this point. I think it’s more of the men, they still look at you as the NFL player but I think the women now look at you as ‘hey that’s that guy who was on Dancing With the Stars, he won it.’ Then they say ‘oh yeah that is Donald Driver.’ No one cares about you playing football anymore; they do care about you winning Dancing With the Stars though.”

Driver has had a busy off season including restructuring his contract with the Green Bay Packers, keeping him with the team until retirement.

After winning the competition last week Driver said, “It took me 13 years to win a Super Bowl. But it only took me one season to win a mirror ball. I’ve been watching the show for a long time and now I know what J.R. felt last year. That is truly something special. I feel the same way. Right now I’m on cloud nine.”

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Aaron Rodgers hosting SNL?

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers may have failed to win back-to-back Super Bowl, but the quarterback is being honored with one of the most elite nods for athletes who have reached super star status by hosting Saturday Night Live.

Last year’s Super Bowl MVP hinted at the idea during a Milwaukee radio interview. “I’m hopeful that we can figure something out there,” Rodgers told ESPN 540.

Already getting camera time, Rodgers was a special guest commentator at Super Bowl XLVI on NBC. It seems at though Rodgers was able to impress NBC execs off the field to be considered for the honor. Rodgers even talked to some current cast members about signing-on. Past quaterbacks who have hosted SNL include Peyton Manning, Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

Despite winning one more Super Bowl than his brother, Eli Manning needs to win a few more Oreo twist-offs before he is considered.

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Miss America tells Aaron Rodgers to “call me”

The newly crowed Miss America isn’t fighting for world peace, she is trying to get a date with Super Bowl winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

At last night’s Miss America pageant, Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler introduced herself and state giving a nod to the Green Bay Packers, the NFL’s defending Super Bowl champions. Kaeppeler told the camera, watched by 8 million Americans, “If you’re watching, Aaron Rodgers, call me.”

While Rodgers was probably watching the Denver Broncos- New England Patriots game, the Pats blowout boosted the ratings to the Miss America pageant. The pageant’s ratings jumped by 2.8 million viewers at the Broncos- Patriots halftime.

Kaeppeler was crowned Miss America making her the second winner from her home state of Wisconsin. Unfortunately for Rodgers, we all can’t be winners, and the Packers were upset by the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional Playoffs, losing 37-2 on Sunday.

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