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Kevin Durant sued for stealing “Durantula” nickname

Kevin Durant is one game away from losing the NBA Finals, the entire nation is depending on him to keep LeBron James from winning his first title and now the NBA scoring champion is being sued for allegedly stealing the nickname “Durantula.”

Durant was sued in federal court by Mark Durante, a gutaristst who played with Public Enemy during the 80s and registered “Durantula” trademark in 1993 to sell merchandise and market music.  According to the lawsuit,  Durante is suing for damages and an injunction to keep KD from using the name.

After the Okalahoma City Thunder star was sent a cease and desist order from Durante, his reps denied usage of the nickname. However, in the suit, Durante claims basketballs autographed as “Durtantula” can be purchased at KevinDurant35.com , uses the Twitter hashtag #Durantula and Nike used “Durantula” to launch a shoe campaign.

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Weekend Video: Good Job Good Effort promo

After the Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celetics and faced an elimination game, a young fan encouraged his team telling them “good job, good effort.” This is just one of the many parody videos.

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Dwyane Wade & Ray Allen want to be paid to play in Olympics

Playing for your country isn’t enough for some NBA players. FoxSports.com is reporting future Hall of Famers Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade want to be paid to play in the Olympics in London this summer.

According to Allen, “Everybody says, ‘Play for your country.’ But [N.B.A. players are] commodities, your businesses. You think about it, you do camps in the summer, you have various opportunities to make money. When you go overseas and play basketball, you lose those opportunities, what you may make… If I’m an accountant and I get outsourced by my firm, I’m going to make some money somewhere else.”

Apparently making $18 million a season isn’t enough for the Miami Heat super star. Wade told ESPN: “It’s a lot of things you do for the Olympics — a lot of jerseys you sell. We play the whole summer. I do think guys should be compensated. Just like I think college players should be compensated as well.”

Wade and Allen have both been apart of Olympic gold medal teams in 2008 and 2004 respectivley. But in 2004, in the midst of player rifts and lack of enthusiasm Team USA finished a disappointing third becoming the first U.S. men’s basketball team with NBA players to lose an Olympic game. It was reported Wade along with Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Carlos Boozer made a pact to win gold, earning the nickname redeem team. But apparently, green is better than gold.

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Video: Carlos Boozer’s son cheers for Miami Heat


In a case of mistaken identity, Carlos Boozer’s son is seen cheering for the Miami Heat during yesterday’s Chicago Bulls-Heat matchup. Boozer has faced his fair share of criticism for lack of defensive and inconsistent play, and apparently his son agrees.

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