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Brett Favre on Dancing With The Stars?

Although Brett Favre still has time to change his mind about retirement, he may have found something to occupy his extra time with.

According to USA Today, Favre is in talks to join the 12th season of Dancing With The Stars. Past NFL superstars who have been on the show include, Kurt Warner, Season 3 winner Emmit Smith and Chad Ochocinco.

The cast of the new season with be announced Feb. 28 during the Bachelor. Favre hopes going on Dancing With The Stars will help clean up his image after sexual harassment allegations by Jenn Sterger… good luck with that one.

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Brett Favre sister’s mug shot

Brandi Favre’s mug shot is here, and it looks like Brett Favre’s younger sister wasn’t ready for her closeup. After being arrested Wednesday night in a crystal meth lab bust in Mississippi, Brand Favre, 34, appeared in court Thursday morning. Brandi Favre faces two drug charges with a bail set at $40,000. If convicted she faces a $1 million fine and 30 years in jail on EACH count. Remember UGGs not drugs… right Tom Brady?

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Brett Favre’s sister arrested for crystal meth

Brett Favre’s sister was arrested in rural Mississippi when police raided a house for making crystal meth. The notorious quarterback’s younger sister, Brandi Favre, 34, is being charged with manufacturing of methamphetamine and generation of hazardous waste and is expected to appear in court Thursday morning. Five people were arrested in total. According to SunHearld.com, police found the drug being made in a bath tub in the apartment. Glad to see Mr. Favre is sharing the headlines with other members of his family….

* A Brandi Favre on Facebook, is listed as living in Gulfport, Mississippi (where Brett Favre was born) and also says she has a 3-year old daughter. Note: this is a TJC assumption and has not been confirmed, but this Brandi Favre also “likes” the page “Brett Favre the Viking,” and let’s face it… not many people do, so it must be her.

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Brett Favre sued for sexual harrasment by NY Jets massage therapists

Just when we thought the Brett Favre drama was over, he strikes again! Two former NY Jets massage therapists are suing Favre for making sexual advances towards them during his 2008 season.

According to one of the therapists, Favre sent text messages to her saying, “Brett here, you and Crissy want to get together, I’m all alone.” In another text message Favre said, “Kinda lonely tonight, I guess I have bad intentions.” On Monday, Favre announced he was retiring from the NFL, just days after the league fined Favre $50,000 for failure to cooperate in their investigation into the Jenn Sterger sext messages.

With the year Favre has had, many are speculating Deanna Favre to file for divorce from her husband. The college sweethearts have been married since 1996, but Deanna almost divorce Favre in the late 90s for his womanizing ways.

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