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Michael Vick owns a dog

Michael Vick spent 19-months in the dog house for running a dog fighting ring and is now a pet owner himself. Rumors began circulating Vick owned a dog after he posted a picture on Twitter at his home with a box of opened dog treats. The Twitpic was deleted, and Vick refused to answers questions at practice on whether he owned a dog or not.

In a statement released by his publicist, the controversial Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said: “I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet,” Vick said in a statement. “As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family.”

During Vick’s probation, he was not allowed to own a dog but has since volunteered for the Human Society and is a speaker against animal cruelty.

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Oprah wants OJ’s confession

Despite her long list of accomplishments, Oprah revealed it is her proffessional dream to get OJ Simpson to confess to the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

What was deemed The Trial of the Century, Simpson left the nation stunned when he was found not guilty on two counts of murder… but if it is up to Oprah she will get his confession!

“I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me,” Winfrey said. “And I am going to make that happen, people. I don’t just want the interview. I want the interview on the condition that you are ready, Mr. Simpson.”

Oprah dropped the bombshell at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association convention in Chicago, but will have to go to Nevada to get the interview, since Simpson is serving 33 years behind bars for armed robbery and kidnapping over sports memorabilia. Earlier this year, Oprah wanted to interview other troubled NFL player Michael Vick. Despite booking the interview, Vick pulled out the morning of taping.

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Weekend Video: Peyton Hillis does Letterman Top 10

Peyton Hillis caused quite the controversy when he was named on the cover of Madden ’12. Critics claimed Hillis only beat out Michael Vick because he was white (and wasn’t in prison for animal cruelty). But that’s not stopping Hillis from basking in his video game glory. On David Letterman, Hillis presented the Top 10 List of the biggest perks for being named to the cover.

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Eagles made Vick cancel Oprah interview

Although Michael Vick agreed to go on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the notorious NFL quaterback backed out at the last minute. But it wasn’t Vick who canceled the interview but the Philadelphia Eagles. In the interview, Vick was set to reveal his time in prison and work the the Humane Society. But just a day before the interview was scheduled, the Philadelphia Eagles organization expressed their concern.

Vick released a statement saying: “After careful consideration, I will need to postpone the taping of the Oprah Winfrey interview scheduled for February 22nd. I admire and respect Oprah and hope to be able to participate in an interview in the future.”

Despite the cancellation, I wonder if Piers Morgan still paid Oprah?

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