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Iker Casillas girlfriend & sports reporter Sara Carbonero banned from talking about Cristiano Ronaldo

Jersey chaser and sports reporter Sara Carbonero is banned from talking about Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. You may remember Carbonero when she stole World Cup headlines when her boyfriend and Spain goalkeeper captain Iker Casillas kissed her after he won the World Cup.

Back in September, on a Spanish talk show, Carbonero again stole the spotlight when she criticized Ronaldo saying, “Ronaldo has always been like that, selfish and an individualist on the pitch and Real Madrid signed him like that…”

The remarks angered Ronaldo and caused tension between him and Casillas. Casillas has publicly defended his girlfriend saying her remarks were misinterpreted. But the rift is apparently so bad between the teammates that Carbonero is now banned from talking about Ronaldo until the storm is weathered. #TeamCarbonero

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Landon Donovan files for divorce

After separating, a World Cup goal, a love child and a reconcile, Landon Donovan has filed for divorce from his wife Bianca. Mrs. Donovan is an actress on the TV show “Rules of Engagement,” and apparently the MLS doesn’t pay much since Donovan is asking for spousal support.

The couple have no children together, but it is still being debated who will take custody of the vuvuzela.

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Qatari parents name baby Fifa after World Cup bid

Qatar shocked the world when it was chosen over many countries including the US to host the 2022 World Cup. A couple paid tribute to the honor by naming their daughter FIFA, after the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Fifa was born on Dec. 2, while her mother was in labor it was announced Qatar had
won the bid.

“When I was in labor I heard that Qatar was picked ahead of many other countries to host the World Cup finals, so my husband and I decided to name her Fifa. We saw that Qataris were truly overjoyed with the historic award and we wanted to contribute to the celebrations in our own way,” Fifa’s mom said

Fifa will be 12 when the World Cup will be hosted in Qatar. I wonder where Fifa will end up on this year’s Most Popular Baby Names list?

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North Korean World Cup coach sentenced to hard labor

According to Sky New, the North Korean World Cup coach has been sentenced to hard labor after his team’s 0-3 showing at the tournament. Coach Kim Jong-Hun and the rest of the World Cup team was subjected to six hours of interrogation by 400 communist party officials.

North Korea failed to win a game at the World Cup. Many believed North Korea was in the group of death, facing Portugal and Brazil. Still, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-III believed coach Jong-Hun betrayed the leader’s trust.

In the past, coaches and players have been sent to prison camps for disgraces their countries at the World Cup.

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