Brett Favre retiring

Legendary quarterback Brett Favre is retiring… or so he says. While no official statement has been released, Favre sent text messages to the Minnesota Vikings saying, “This is it.” After leading the Vikings to the NFC title game, Favre underwent ankle surgery during the offseason and has been struggling to bounce back. News of Favre’s retirement comes just weeks after he joked about playing until he was 50.

This is not the first time Favre has said he is retiring nor is it the second time. After many seasons of playing with Packer fans emotions, Favre officially retired in March of 2008 before changing his mind one month later. Favre was released by Green Bay to play for the New York Jets, where after one season, he retired yet again. Amid speculation of a comeback, Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings in May of 2009. Favre had originally planned to play with Minnesota for the 2008 season, but Green Bay would not release the QB to a NFC rival.

Sorry Favre we’re not buying that you’re retiring…

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