Calagary Flames GM trades his own son; Brian Sutter arrested for punching a cab driver

Last week, Calgary Flame Brett Sutter was traded by his own father Daryl Sutter who is the team’s GM. Not only was Brett Sutter traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, but he was sent down to the team’s minor league. It seems as though Brett had some built up anger by being demoted by his own father because he punched a cab driver. The incident happened over the weekend at a bar in Scottsdale Arizona, where the Hurricanes’ AHL affiliate is located.

Brett was arrested for battery and joins the likes of Patrick Kane for beating up a cab driver.

The Sutter family is one of the most famous families in the NHL. During the 1970s-1980s, there were six Sutter brothers who played in the NHL, and two second generation Sutter family members have played in the league too.

It is unknown if the Sutter Brothers can throw as good of a punch as the Hanson Brothers.

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