Celebrities run the NYC Marathon: Chilean miner beats Al Roker by 1 1/2 hours

In today’s New York City Marathon, among the celebrity runners, Chilean miner who was trapped underground for 69 days finished an hour and a half ahead of Today Show weatherman Al Roker. Despite not training, Pena had a time of 5:49:00 compared to Roker’s 7:09:00. Joining Roker was his Today Show co-host,  Mereidth Vieira. Vieira finished in 5:59:00.

Finishing first for the celebrities was chef Bobby Flay who has been on Iron Chef and hosted seven other shows on Food Network.  While Flay’s goal was to finish in under four hours, he came in with a time of 4:01:37. Not far behind Flay was ER actor Anthony Edwards who finished in 4:04:45.

Also coming in the four hour slot were former athletes NY Giants Amani Toomer (4:13:00) and retired tennis player Justin Gimelstob (4:09:58).  Gimelstob bet Andy Rodick $10,000 he would finish in under 4:45. The money will go to the Justin Gimelstob’s Children Fund.

Model Veronica Webb finished in 4:59:12, and Howard Stern’s co-host Ryan Quivers competed the marathon in 6:09:00. One of  the most publicized runners was Subway spokesman Jarad Fogle who ran his first marathon in 5:40:51.

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