Crazy women suing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for sexual assult

Back in April, posted this video of a drunk Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Now, a woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that on the same night, Jones sexually assaulted her. The woman is Patricia Gavin and is accusing Jones of sexual assault, theft, and false imprisonment. Gavin said Jones assaulted her in the women’s bathroom and gave her an STD. Gavin got tested because Jones and his son told her they were with a prostitute earlier in the night. On the night of the assault, Gavin claims her purse was stolen that had a check inside for $2 million. Gavin claims that Jones’ finical adviser tried to cover up the scandal by drugging her with GHB.

Many are claiming that Gavin is crying wolf because she filed the lawsuit pro se, without the aid of an attorney, and Jones himself has a restraining order on her.

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    3528 Routh St.
    Dallas, Texas 75219
    (214) 489-5461

    Who is Patricia Gavin?

    By Patricia Gavin
    The matter of Gavin v. Jones is subject to seal by the US District Court Oct 4, 2010 after Emergency Motion to Seal the Record by Jones Counsel.
    Reports stating that the US District Attorney has filed charges against me are false and erroneous, however I have been asked to specify those charges in response to Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations of the US Magistrate.
    I responded October 20, 2010 to the US Magistrate Judge and asked for the case to be unsealed with my military records and medical records which were sealed in the US Federal Court of Claims in a Gulf War matter as a result of my spouse’s Gulf War service and its consequences on our reproductive health. We both served in the 379th Bomb Wing which was the unit that razed the road between Bagdad and Kuwait City in the first Gulf War. I served as a captain in the United States Air Force under Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton in the Air Force Reserve and as a journalism instructor for Department of Defense and University of Texas. I later earned my MBA in hospitality management and human resources. I worked with Disney Institute prior to cataloging artwork in New Orleans to sell reproductions and interactive sculpture.
    Contrary to many reports I have never filed suit against any celebrity and don’t consider Mr. Jones as such. I did work and continue to work with Clyde Lovingood, a colleague and friend of Clint Eastwood best known as “Turn Right Clyde” in “Any Which Way You Can”….yes he was the gorilla…and also the largest distributor for Howard Hughes Tool Company and owned the Jackson Hole Cowboy Bar after serving as HL Hunt’s personal executive assistant (his son was LaMar Hunt who started the concept of the Super Bowl – and yes those numbers were in my phone and handbag when Jones driver took it from the restaurant and the two refused to return it to me).
    I did not file criminal charges because I was uncertain if Mr. Jones is in ill health as it is reported in the press that he has arrhythmia. I didn’t know his motive.
    I do not know Jerry Jones personally, but left the restaurant Ocean Prime at his insistence and expected his interest had to do with my multi-million dollar lien claim on a hotel in Dallas where I have had several attorneys assist me in my litigation.
    I filed pro se not because I could not get counsel but because I could not afford it after having exhausted my resources litigating a wage claim against the People’s Republic of China who operates hotels under the Warwick brand in Dallas and elsewhere. Further Jones interfered with my work in the arts and income.
    My complaint was not handwritten but typed. It was 13 pages and filed in the same form as a US Marshall complaint.
    Mr. Jones and I do not know one another but share mutual acquaintances due to the fact Dallas is a small town and I have been working with artists to include those casting sculptures of football players which can be viewed with my own and other artist’s works on my Facebook page.
    My work included cataloging art for those in New Orleans affected by the British Petroleum spill in the Gulf in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina as I have two children who graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge and many artists in Jackson Square are prohibited from selling their reproductions on the Square by federal law and need assistance.
    So if you are interested in “Who is Patricia Gavin” I invite you to my Facebook Page to view the art and sculpture that we are working to cast and place in 33 NFL cities nationwide.
    A restraining order was issued in a separate matter pertaining to liquidation of the contents of the hotel where a lien is pending for my children and me. It was issued after failure on the part of Jones attorneys to serve me with a timely response to a subpoena of him in the 68th Judicial District Court case involving my lien claim. Jones contact caused the withdrawal of my appellate counsel where the managing partner of the law firm was a personal friend of Jones and the top criminal attorney in Texas – Richard “Racehorse” Haynes. My computer files “passport” was also in my handbag that Jones and his driver refused to return to me.
    My father was a graduate of William Mitchell Law School and practiced with the Department of Interior and US Park Service and is highly conservative; my husband and I both served as military officers and he was a special ops pilot; we divorced 10 years ago after the Gulf War. I am single by choice after having raised two children with one who is 8 years old and the subject of a custody battle where her father is an FAA safety officer and retired naval officer who flew for American Airlines. She was born after 911 and we did not marry for a myriad of reasons.
    I have an 8 year old daughter and was not interested in a married billionaire with a wife and a mistress where both are common knowledge in the community and no secret. I rented from the latter’s friend.
    I don’t think that makes me “crazy”.
    The 2 million pound check was for a water project in Haiti with Glory House, a nonprofit that provides relief services to Haitian people based in St. Louis and was uncapitalized. It is entered in Cause No. 09-11243 Nuevo Sol v. Hamsher et. al. in exhibits along with my objections to a protective order issued in that Court where I was unable to subpoena my medical records to refute Jones libelous claims that I am both “a Middle East CIA operative” and “mentally ill” because my military records are sealed by the US Federal Court of Claims and Veteran’s Administration personnel can’t be subpoenaed in state court due to the sovereign immunity of the United States. I am neither.
    My family was the J-2 and air attaché to Golda Meir who was the former Prime Minister of Israel. She ordered the elimination of many terrorists after the Munich Olympics (see the film “Munich”).
    People are generally ignorant and stupid when it comes to sexual harassment and assault. I am not that after adjudicating claims that appeared in TIME Magazine May 1997 and a book by Linda Bird Francke, a Newsweek Correspondent, titled “Gender Wars in the Military”.
    An assault victim is entitled to a certain measure of respect and privacy which I have been denied as a result of Mr. Jones behavior which I did not invite.
    I wish the Cowboys the best and have petitioned to return to law school and the Air Force.
    I had a warrant for failing to appear on a registration issue the night of April 8, 2010 (the registration was current but I didn’t have it with me when I was stopped in June 2007). I had missed a hearing because I was not notified of the Addison hearing by my counsel. I did not want to call for help or file because it took a while for my warrant to be adjudicated and dismissed.
    My goal on my lien claim is to assign it to my children who are Native American so that a casino can be placed in Dallas to drive business downtown and tourism.
    If there is any question that anyone has, please feel free to direct it to this blog site.
    I will be happy to diffuse the strange claims that have resulted from my filing in the US District Court.
    I hope that makes me seem more reasonable and credible than the media reports allow.
    The press has done a really poor job researching the story – you just published the libelous reports that appeared elsewhere.
    I guess you won’t be winning a Pulitzer Prize for your coverage on this matter.
    Patricia Gavin


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