Favre contacted Sterger again in 2009; Sterger will keep quiet if Favre pays her

The Brett Favre saga continues…. the NY Post is reporting that Brett Favre contacted Jenn Sterger last summer when he was in New York. Favre was in town to appear on “Joe Buck Live” on HBO.

At that time, Favre had not signed with the Minnesota Vikings and Sterger was not employed by the Jets, when the veteran quarterback called her.

“The same number that was used to send the messages in 2008 is the same one used to call Jenn in 2009.”

The NFL’s investigation on the Brett Favre sext messages remains at a standstill. Officials met with Brett Favre this past Tuesday, but Sterger will not cooperate with NFL officials. Sterger is allegedly trying to work out a settlement with Favre. A source close to the story said:

“The Settlement would include a confidentially agreement between the two that would effectively stop the NFL, which does not have subpoena power, from speaking with Sterger about Favre.”

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