Former Notre Dame QB Joe Montana speaks out on Rudy movie

Joe Montana’s son may be a walk on freshmen quarterback at Notre Dame, but apparently Joe Cool is not a fan of the movie Rudy. The made for movie Rudy moment at Notre Dame actually happened when Montana was playing there. When asked about it in a radio interview, Montana said:

“Well, the crowd wasn’t chanting. No one threw in their jerseys. He did get in the game. He got carried off [at the end of] the game. [...] Back then they tried to play someone at the end of [the season] that all the seniors could get in the last home game. The schedule was kind of set that way.
So he got in. He did get a sack. And then the guys carried him off, just playing around. I won’t say it was a joke, but it was playing around. He worked his butt off to get where he was and to do the things he did. But not any harder than anyone else.”

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