Jenn Sterger’s father warns Brett Favre what’d he do if he’d see him in a dark alley

For the last post of 2010, it’s only fitting that it be pertaining to the Jenn Sterger- Brett Favre sext message controversial. Yesterday, the league announced they would be fining Favre $50,000 for failure to cooperate with the NFL in their sexual harassment investigation. But Leo Sterger is not happy about the outcome. Mr. Sterger told Radar Online, “As a father I’m furious” and better not meet that guy walking down a dark alley.”

I hope for Jenn’s sake her father doesn’t see any of her naked pictures she has taken when he types her name into Google! Remember only a few more hours to vote for Jenn Sterger for Jersey Chaser of the Year. Have a safe holiday and a great rest of 2010! xoxox TJC

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