Jersey Chaser Confessions: Chasing the Jersey from

The past few days I have been getting a lot of traffic from people searching, “chasing the jersey.” At first I just thought had hit it big, but after doing a little investigating and a tip from a reader Megan from Cincinnati I found that posted this memoir of a jersey chaser revealing her past six years as an athlete groupie.

While it is a little too vulgar for I can’t ignore a good jersey chaser confession, and the entry can be seen here! Chase on ladies ;)

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2 Responses to Jersey Chaser Confessions: Chasing the Jersey from

  1. T says:

    Thanks for the plug, lady! Very much appreciated. Have a fab Thanksgiving :)

  2. thejerseychaser says:

    Anytime Girl! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family && keep chasing!


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