LeBron James Decision tonight at 9

At 9:00ET LeBron will make his announcement on which team he is going to sign with. ESPN had dedicated an hour long special. LeBron has met with six teams, but only three are in serious contention.

Miami: Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have already said they will sign with the Heat causing many to speculate that LeBron has already made up his mind. Last week, rumors swirled that the three had met in Miami for a summit. LeBron going to Miami means less money. While LeBron going to the Heat would mean he would play alongside Wade and Bosh, that’s about all he would be playing against, and Miami would still need to bring in other players.

Chicago: The Bulls have already signed Carlos Boozer, but will they sign LeBron? ESPN columnist, Bill Simmons said if LeBron wanted to win his best shot would be to sign with Chicago. Chicago has already cleared enough cap space to give LeBron the big money contract he would not get in other favorite Miami.

Cleveland: While the Cavs may not have signed Wyade and Bosh or even Boozer, Cleveland is home to LeBron. LeBron has stuck with the Cavs for the past 7 years. While Cleveland can offer LBJ a big money contract they cannot offer him a championship. Despite having the best record in the NBA for past 2 years, they have not been able to win a championship. The Cavs just hired a new coach in Bryon Scott. Leaving Cleveland may hurt LeBron’s legacy more so than not winning a championship in Cleveland. Other NBA Greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kobe Bryant stayed with their teams and won championships as opposed to leaving.

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