LeBron Watch

And so it begins… after months of anticipation the NBA free agency began at 12:01am. LeBron James became the most coveted free agent in NBA history, and teams traveled to Cleveland to meet with him. Today, James met with the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks. Other teams scheduled to meet with James: the Chicago Bulls, LA Clippers, and current team Cleveland Cavilers to discuss his future. But don’t expect a decision to come anytime soon, no contracts can be signed until July 8 when the NBA will announce new salary-cap figures.

While everyone came out to woo LeBron… even Jay-Z was on hand for the Knicks, the city of Cleveland continued their campaign to keep their superstar. 20,000 signs were passed out that read: “Home” at a Cleveland Independence Day parade. Fans even camped out outside of James’ home.

Other free agent Dwyane Wade, who allegedly organized the “summit” in Miami, met with the Bulls in his hometown Chicago. Chris Bosh, who many are saying will go wherever LeBron goes, met with the Houston Rockets but is not expected to sign.

The Cavilers are also shopping Delonte West… I wonder why?!?

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