Max Talbot calls Ovechkin a “douche”

The NHL Winter Classic is not until January, but the drama is already starting in July. This year, the Pittsburgh Penguins will face the Washington Capitals at the Steelers’ Heinz Field. What is sure to be a memorable highlight in the Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby rivalry, it is Penguins winger Max Talbot who is creating friction between Alexander the Great.
In an interview with Pittsburgh radio show 105.9 The X, Talbot said: “I just hate the guy.”  When asked why he had such strong feelings for the two-time league MVP, Talbot revealed his experience with Ovechkin at the NHL Awards last summer.

“Malkin (Evgeni) knew Ovechkin and introduced me to him and first impression wasn’t great. I’m not gonna say what happened, but I’m like,
‘Ok, this guy is a real douche.”

Yesterday, the NHL held a press event for the 2011 Winter Classic, as players fired pucks at the goal posts of Heinz Field.

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