Mega-conferences & the Notre Dameous effect

We still have a few months before college football starts, but college sports could change as we know it. Four new mega-conferences are expected to emerge including: the Big 10, Pac-10, ACC, and SEC.

These four conferences are already the dominate conferences in college football, winning the most championships and dominating television markets. However their emergence as a mega-conference poses threats to conferences left out like the Big 12 and Big East. Other college football traditionalists are also worried about rivalries becoming extinct with the creation of mega-conferences. Below are the teams rumored to be joining the mega-conferences.

Pac-10: Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M & Colorado
Big 10: Nebraska, Missouri, Maryland & Rutgers
SEC : Clemson & Oklahoma
ACC: West Virgina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse & Connecticut

* What is interesting is Notre Dame is not listed as one of the teams who will join a mega-conference. Currently, Notre Dame is independent and does not belong to any particular conference. By being independent, Notre Dame can negotiate exclusive TV contracts, which means big money for the school. However, with the expansion of college football to mega-conferences, Notre Dame remaining independent is not as exclusive as it once was. The Big 10 is desperate to lure over the Fighting Irish, and along with it the Big 10 would get Notre Dame’s $15m contract wit NBC.

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