Murder suspect arrested after he was seen on the big screen at Bobcats game

On Saturday’s Charlotte Bobcats Orland Magic game, a murder suspect was arrested after he was unintentionally seen on the JumboTron. Earlier in the week, Earle Barranco, 24 was spotted on the big screen wearing the same necklace witnesses described to police after Barranco shot and killed a man at Good Stuff Diner in New York City on Oct. 23.

Barranco had been on the run since he murdered his estranged friend Corey Scott after shooting him in the face.

Almost three weeks later, an acquaintance spotted Barranco on the JumboTron at the Bobcats game after recognizing the diamond money bag pendant necklace and reported the sighting to police. The North Carolina State Bureau then planned a stakeout where they arrested Barranco at Saturday’s game.

Despite the excitement, the Bobcats lost to the Magic 91-88.

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