New Michael Jordan commerical mocking LeBron James & Rise commercial

LeBron James has often been compared to Michael Jordan throughout his career. But unlike LeBron, Michael Jordan stayed in Chicago for his entire career (until he came back from retirement in 2001) and brought the city six championships in eight years. Jordan even turned down lucrative contracts to play fore bigger market teams like the New York Knicks.

Earlier this month, LeBron released a new Nike commercial called “Rise” asking the world “What should I do?” after he became Public Enemy No.1 for leaving the Cleveland Cavilers. Jordan has come out with his own commercial for AirJordans and responds to LeBron.

While I am not a huge Michael Jordan fan, I did like the movie Space Jam, and this commercial gave me goosebumps and will probably make my boyfriend cry.

The original “Rise” commercial can be seen below…

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