Notre Dame students plan to rush the field after Utah game

Historically, Notre Dame has been a football dynasty, but in recent years the Fighting Irish have been on the decline. Notre Dame is on track to beat the school’s all time losing record in a four-year span. Assuming Notre Dame loses to 4-3 Tulsa this Saturday, the Fighting Irish will break the record on the following home game, November 13 against No.8 Utah. While The Gipper may be rolling over in his grave, Notre Dame seniors are embracing the all time losing record. The Notre Dame Observer posted this letter to the editor asking students to rush the field after the Utah loss:

The senior class is on the brink of an achievement that has never been accomplished. Assuming (and this is a big assumption) that the football team beats Tulsa this weekend, the game against Utah will be our chance to break the record for most losses in a four-year period, previously held by the Class of 1964. When we get steamrolled by Utah on Nov. 13, we will officially be the losingest class in Notre Dame History. That day will also be Senior Day, a day that the senior class is allowed on the field at the end of the game. The senior class should not walk on field, but storm the field in celebration of its four seasons as spectators in the student section. The senior class should show its thanks and appreciation for a record-breaking four seasons by storming the field at the closing of the loss to Utah on Nov. 13.



Oct. 25

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