Red Wings fans ban together to get back their free curly fries

Detroit Red Wings fans are banning together to get back their free curly fries deal at Arbys when a Red Wing player scores a hat trick. The hashtag #operationcurlyfries even started trending among Wings fans on Twitter. For the past few seasons, Arbys has sponsored the promotion that every time a Red Wings scores three goals in a game, fans can bring in a box score to receive a free order of curly fries. This season, Arbys has changed the promotion to give fans a free junior roast beef sandwich, but fans are not happy about it and are trying to get it changed.

Red Wings blog, the Production Line, even posted this rant in support of Operation Curly Fries:

I’m sure Arby’s has a good reason to have changed their Hat Trick giveaway. And I’m sure it has something to do with money. Perhaps it’s cheaper to give away a Small Roast Beef Sandwich than it is to give away Curly Fries. Perhaps they’re hoping people will try a Sandwich and make Arby’s their meal of choice when they’ve only got a few minutes. My question to them is this: is it worth the extra few cents when it’s only been utilized three times — and your target audience is a little bit annoyed that they can’t get curly fries? I’m willing to bet a Curly Fries shirt that they simply don’t know people have noticed things have changed…

Exhibit C is courtesy of my wife, a noted vegetarian and the designer of more than one of the TPL Store’s trademark shirts — including Curly Fries. She caught wind of the changing Arby’s landscape during the last telecast and offered this: “I’m pissed. As a vegetarian, I’d much rather get my hands on some curly fries than dead animal flesh.”

Fans are so enamored with the giveaway they have created T-shirts that say, “I love Curly Fries,” so many fans are surprised Arbys would change the giveaway due to its popularity. Sounds like this is some curly fry chasing if you ask me. To join the movement on Facebook go here, or to follow on Twitter click here!

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