Regulation Hottie Recap: Day 1 Semifinals

Jersey we’d like to chase: Robin van Persie came back from an elbow injury to help the Netherlands go onto the World Cup Finals.Van Persie’s left elbow was injured in an earlier game against Brazil. Thankfully no injury was done to his face ;) Van Persie plays for English professional football club Arsenal and is the club’s vice-captain. Van Persie has a sensitive side as his parents are both artists. The 25-year old is married and has two children.

Recap: The Netherlands beat Uruguay in the first game of the World Cup semi-finals, 3-2. Dutch captain, Giovanni van Brockhorst opened the scoring in the 18th minute. Brockhorst has announced he will retire after the World Cup, but isn’t done just yet… the 35-year old scored 42 yards out on a 58 mph striker to take a 1-0 lead.Uruguay tied up the game with a goal from Diego Forlan. The Dutch stole back the lead when Welsey Sneijder scored. Sneijder is tied with Spain’s David Villa and other jersey we’d like to chase, for the most goals in the tournament. Villa and Sneijder both have five goals in the World Cup. Arjen Robben got the last goal for the Dutch, as they took a 3-1 lead. Maxi Pereira of Urugay scored in the 90th minute, but it was too late. This is the first time since 1978 the Netherlands will go onto the World Cup Finals.

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