Tony Dungy scolds Rex Ryan for potty mouth on Hard Knocks

HBO is filming a reality series chronicling the New York Jets season. Jets head coach Rex Ryan has a bit of a potty mouth, and NFL coaching legend Tony Dungy is none too please. Dungy criticized Ryan for his foul mouth, in which Ryan took offense.

A weepy Ryan told the New York Post:    “I’m always going to be myself, and I’m a good person,” Ryan said, his voice cracking slightly. “Just because somebody cusses or whatever doesn’t make him a bad person, and just because a guy doesn’t cuss doesn’t make him a good person. I’ll stand by my merits.

“I’ve been a big admirer of Tony Dungy, and I’m sure a lot of people are,” Ryan said. “I felt that he unfairly judged me, and that was a disappointment to me.”

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