Tour de France headlines talk about something else besides Lance Armstrong

Cyclists may not have a conscious when it comes to steroids, but that’s a whole other story when it comes to rider adequate.

The cycling world is in the midst of a controversy over the yellow jersey winner. During yesterday’s Stage 15, Andy Schleck started the race with an 38-second lead over second place Alberto Contador. As Schleck attacked during the final climb of Stage 15 his bike chain derailed cuasing him to stop and fix his bike. Contador capitalized on Schelck’s misfortuentes, passing the rider and taking the lead by eight seconds.

Many are claiming Contador’s move was in violation of cycling’s unwritten rule not to pass a rival during their misfortene i.e mecanical or crash. Earlier in the Tour, Contador waited for Schleck when he crashed, but Schleck felt betrayed by Contador after he attacked while he fixed his bike chain. “I’m really disappointed. My stomach is full of anger, and I want to take my revenge. I will take my revenge in the coming days” Schelck said.

The Tour enters what many to believe is the most difficult stage today.

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