Weekend Video: LeBron bumps Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra after loss to Mavs

Despite swindling LeBron James from Cleveland, the Miami Heat have not lived up to their much anticipated hype. Though early into the season, the Heat are only 9-8… just barley above 500, and Mr. James is not happy about it. After the Heat’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks 106-95 last night, LeBron purposely bumped into Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra.

This is not the first time LeBron has not gotten along with his coaching staff. Last off season, in an attempt to keep LeBron in Cleveland, the Cavaliers fired head coach Mike Brown.

It has been widely speculated Spoelstra will be fired. Even LA Lakers legendary head coach Phil Jakcson believes Heat President and Hall-of-Fame coach Pat Riley will take over the team.

Jackson told ESPN 1000, “That’s kind of my take on it, is that eventually if things don’t straighten out here soon, it could be the Van Gundy thing all over again.”

Jackson later apologized for his comments, but it looks like he was just saying whatever else is thinking, including LeBron.

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