World Cup Day 12 Regulation Hottie Recap

Regulation hottie: Argentinean Lionel Messi is considered one of the world’s best soccer player and won the FIFA World Player of the Year. Despite having yet to score in the World Cup tournament, Messi got our hunk of the day honor since he celebrates his birthday on Thursday. Argentina remains a heavy favorite in the World Cup and is first in Group B with 9 points.

Recap: Messi’s Aregnina beat Greece 2-0 to advance and take Group B. Both goals were scored in the second-half. France scored its first goal of the touranment in their 2-1 loss to South Africa. Off the field drama distracted France for much of the tournament and now the French are headed home. Meanwhile, South Africa advances when many doubted the home-country would get out of the first round. Nigeria became the third African nation to be eliminated as they tied South Korea 2-2. Nigeria lost their first two games and needed a victory to advance. With the tie, South Korea advances to the next Round of 16 for the second time in history.

Tomorrow: The two biggest games tomorrow are both in Group C as America takes on Algeria and England plays Slovenia. Both the US and England need to win to advance. The US can sneak by with a tie as long as England loses. Both games start tomorrow at 10am!

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