World Cup Regulation Hottie: Day 18

Jersey to chase: Kaka is kind of like Prince or Madonna since he is only known by Kaka. His full name is Ricardo Izescon dos Santos Leite. Kaka signed his first professional contract at age 15, and now plays for Real Madrid as well as for the Brazil National team. As devout Christian, Kaka can be often seen pointing to the sky when he scores a goal and famously wore a “Jesus Loves You” T-shirt at the 2005 FIFA Confederation Cup. He is married to his childhood sweetheart Caroline Celico. The couple have a daughter Luca Leite.

Recap: The Netherlands ended Slovakia’s Cinderella World Cup run, winning 2-1. It was Slovakia’s first World Cup as an independent nation. Netherlands’s Arjen Robben played in the game after suffering from a hamstring injury and scored a goal for his home team. The Netherlands will play Brazil on Friday who beat Chile 3-0. Despite Brazil winning against Chile, the game remained scoreless for the first 34 minutes. This is the fifth consecutive World Cup Brazil has reached the quarterfinals.

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