Billy Beane turns down Angelina Jolie

In Moneyabll, Brad Pitt plays Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane, but for a guy who has a baseball movie based on him he really sucks at getting to first base. At the movie’s premier at the Toronto Film Festival, Beane turned down a kiss from Angelina Jolie… well not exactly, he wasn’t prepared for a double kiss on the cheek from the world traveler.

Beane told Bay Area’s KNBR “She was out here [in Oakland] for filming and I had seen her. We went for the kiss on the cheek … and I only went to one side and she was coming over from Europe and London and so she went both sides as I was pulling back. I was completely unprepared for the foreign exchange… That’s where a scouting report would’ve helped to realize that she was coming from Europe and would’ve done that. It was a complete faux pas on my part.”

Scouting report or no scouting report, Beane should be aware that Jolie isn’t afraid of going after another woman’s man.

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