Clint Eastwood to come out of acting retirment for baseball drama

Even Clint Eastwood catches baseball fever in October. 81-year old Clint Eastwood is in talks with Warner Brothers to star in a baseball drama. In the film, “Trouble With a Curve,” the main character is a legendary scout who now has troubled eyesight. He convinces his daughter to go on the road with him.

Dirty Harry has not starred in a movie since 2008 Grand Torino and said it would probably be his last flim. Eastwood revealed, “When I did Million Dollar Baby I thought, ‘Well, this would be a nice one to quit on,’ and then Gran Torino came along. They’re not writing a lot of really great material for guys my age. In lieu of that, I would just prefer to stay behind the camera. But if a great role came along, yeah, I would do that. But actors are like boxers — they stay too long sometimes.”

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