Dating service for Jersey Chasers

Happy Valentines Day Chasers… looking for that perfect man who just happens to be a pro athlete? Entering the world of Jersey Chasing may be easier than you think. Kelleher International is a high end dating service that specializes in match making for athletes. Their clients include Terrell Owens and sports executives. In fact, 20% of Kelleher International clients are former or current athletes.

Kelleher International understands that athletes have no problems going out on dates but focuses on finding soul mates. But finding your all-star will come at a price, Kelleher International charges between $25,000 to $150,000 for their services.

But you can’t put a price on love… according to Kelleher International co-owner Amber Kelleher-Andrews, “A client once told me $100,000 is nothing. He’d just spent $4 million on his divorce.”

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