Kim Kardashian dumps Kris Humphries for Kanye West?

Our little JC of the Year may be in the off season of jersey chasing. It appears Kim Kardashian has left New Jersey Nets Kris Humphries for Kanye West. Kardashian and Kanye have been linked together in the past, but Kardashian has always denied the rumors saying they are just friends…. until now.

During an interview for her upcoming music project, Kardashian spoke about collaborating with Kanye, “”I think I’ve just been having a lot of fun.” Kardashian’s younger sister Khloe added, “That’s because they’re boning!” Kim Kardashian didn’t deny the rumor and instead said, “That came out of Khloe’s mouth, not mine!”

While Kardashian has been most recently linked to Humphries, her fourth athlete in the past year, she told Glamour Magazine, “It’s easier to just be single and not have a relationship. How do you get to know someone on a reality show? Some people think that they can handle it, and then they really can’t.”

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