Minor league game canceled because team did not have baseballas

The Lake County Fielders are having a tough season… last month their announcer quit on their air during a game, and now the team had to cancel a game because they did not have baseballs to play with during a game between the Calgary Vipers. While the Fiedlers said on their Facebook page that the game was canceled due to “saftey issues,” the Calgary Vipers are speaking out!

Viper infielder Chad Ehrnsberger posted online: “They had a great crowd there tonight but yes the baseballs were a joke. They were like little league practice balls purchased at Dick’s.  I’ll put it like this…when I give lessons or throw BP to my travel team, if I come across these balls I throw them out.  And we were using them as game balls!”

The game was called after just one inning when the Vipers refused to play because of the poor ball conditions. This is not the first time players have walked off the field during a Fielders game. Earlier this season, then manager Tim Johnson and 11 players walked off the field because they haven’t been paid. The Fielders are reportedly behind in over $185,000 in rent. The team is partly owned by movie star Kevin Costner, and at a networth of $150 m you think he could afford $5.00 MLB offical Rawlings game day baseballs.

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