New reality show on baseball jersey chasing

A new reality show will document the ins and outs of jersey chasing in Major League Baseball. According to Radar Online, “It’s a reality show about girls who stop at nothing to score with athletes while they are away from their wives and girlfriends during baseball spring training. It’s about girls that have gone pro in the sport of ‘cleat chasing.’”

The show will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona  during spring training camp, and show producers are still looking for girls to be cast on the show.

“Some girls reside in Scottsdale and others plan their vacations from other states around going to games to meet athletes at spring training. The girls map out what clubs, bars, and restaurants players go to so they can stalk them. These girls will do anything and are proud of it.”

The show will be called Baseball Annies, which is baseball slang for jersey chaser.

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