Oldest cheerleader inspires movie

At 42, Laura Vikmanis is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Cincinnati Ben-Gals member is having her life turned into a movie. In the ultimate breakup revenge, the mother of two teenage daughters got into cheerleading after her husband left her.

Vikmanis had been a dancer he entire life, and thought cheering for the team looked like fun. Though she didn’t make it the first year, Vikmanis spent a year improving her fitness and getting into shape. Now, she is a registered dietitian and older sister to the 20-something teammates.

 The writers from Gnomeo and Juliet will pen the script.  Writer Kathy Greenberg even compares it to Oscar wrothy saying, “It’s really a feel good populist story in the vein of Blind Side. It’s got more comedy to be sure, but it’s an earnest story.” Bring it on Laura!

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