Oregon fan will marry an Auburn fan if the Ducks lose the BCS Championship

The upcoming Oregon-Auburn BCS Championship game is StubHub’s highest selling event in history, and one Oregon fan is so confident his Ducks will win, he is willing to bet his bachelorhood on it.

Ryan Tharp will marry an Auburn fan in Las Vegas and pay for it if Oregon loses… if the Ducks are the BCS National Championship, Tharp wants his bride to pay for their wedding. Tharp posted the bet on Craigslist saying:

“I, along with several buddies, will be celebrating the Duck victory in Vegas from Jan. 11 to 14. During that extravaganza, I plan on taking in the entire Vegas experience, including marrying a stranger. So, if you are going to be in Vegas after the National Championship, believe in your Tigers and want to have stories to tell your grandchildren (won’t be mine) then shoot me an e-mail with a pic.”

Now if that doesn’t say happily ever after, I don’t know what does!

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