Red Wings fans will be arrested and given $500 fine for throwing octopus on ice

Red Wings fans are being warned not to throw any octopi on the ice during in tomorrows game against the Pheonix Coyotes in Detroit. The long standing tradition is being penalized with will be ejected, fined $500, face a court hearing, and possibly sent to jail if you do not pay $150. Just ask Wings fan Tommy B. who learned the hard way who threw an octopus on during the third period of Game 1. Tommy said that ushers and Joe Louis security encourage him and was shocked when police escorted him out. According to Tommy that despite multiple octopus being thrown on the ice, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told the organization to enforce the rule after the 2nd period.

The Red Wings released the following statement: It’s not a new law — city ordinance 38-5-4, which prohibits throwing objects on the playing area during sporting events — but the directive to enforce it came down Wednesday from the league. Wings blog On The Wings spoke to Detroit police, who say that while they have no problems with the tradition,
Police supervisors were informed Wednesday night, either before or during the game, by League representatives that they don’t want anything thrown on the ice. An officer has to witness the throw and nab the thrower on the spot, but it’s something they can and will enforce. Apparently, distance from players is not an issue: any octopus on the ice is grounds for ejection and a fine.

The throwing of objects onto the ice surface is prohibited by the National Hockey League and persons caught doing so may be subject to prosecution for violating local and state laws.”

The tradition of throwing an octopus on the ice started almost 60 years ago. In 1952, the Red Wings swept all eight games need to win the Stanley Cup against the Montreal Canadians and Toronto Maple Leafs. Long time Red Wings, Chris Osgood was infuriated with the new rules and spoke candidly.

Interestingly enough, the Red Wings will kick fans out of games but sell merchandise with the teams’s unoffical mascot Al the Octopus?

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