Ron Artest inks reality TV deal

Yet another sports star is coming out with his own reality show… this time LA Lakers bad boy Ron Artest is showing his softer side. The player responsible for the worst brawl in NBA history has a new show called “Last Second Shot.” Cameras will follow Artest as he mentors a group of parolees by teaching them life lessons through basketball.

According to Artest, “We’re gonna put them through an intensive experience, give them hope and confidence to change their lives.”

Artest himself is no stranger to second chances, not only was he reinstated to the league after being suspended for the 2005 season, but was also arrested for domestic violence in 2007 and spent ten days in jail.

While Artest’s reality show has a production company, no network has picked it up yet… but maybe Artest can start with Plaxico Burress.

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