The man who never missed a Super Bowl missed the Super Bowl

Robert Cook, the man known to have never missed a Super Bowl missed Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV. Cook, who is a Wisconsin native and Green Bay Packers fan, was featured in the VISA commercial featuring the group who calls themselves the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club.” The group has gone to 44 consecutive Super Bowls and have missed weddings, births and even passed up on adopting a child to go to the game. Cook is in the hospital for an undisclosed “illness”after being admitted last Thursday.

Three of the original five members, Donald Crisman, Larry Jacobson and Thomas Henschel, still went in Cook’s place. Since finding out about the “Never Miss a Super Bowl” club 14 years ago, the NFL has given the members tickets at voucher or face value price. Cook watched the Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25, in his hospital room.

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