Tom Brady cuts his hair… and other Jersey Chaser news!

After the Patriots’ shocking loss last weekend to the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady has decided to change things up and cut his hair. Brady’s locks have been the subject of headlines and even made it into a Justin Bieber song. Despite telling Women’s Wear Daily in September, “I don’t take it too seriously. I just like to change it up,” when asked by reporters last year when he would cut his hair Brady said his hair was up to Gisele Bundchen,  ”You’d have to convince my wife, first of all.”

Kris Humphries is another athlete who has recently given up control to his wife, but Kim Kardashian told US Weekly, “I would have to go wherever he ends up!” Kardashian’s husband’s NBA future is an unrestricted free agent but cannot negotiate a contract while the NBA is in a lockout. New Jersey Nets owner Jay-Z has said he is interested in resigning Humphries, especially since he will need all the celebrity star power when moves his team to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Decker revealed her husband Andy Roddick is on his third wedding ring! You’d think being married to a super model the tennis star would be more careful. Decker told ATP World Tour: “When we first got married he bought a second wedding ring so that if he lost his I would never know,” she said. “But one is significantly shinier than the other!”

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