Dolphins to fine players $10K for playing Angry Birds

Add it to the list of silly NFL fines like Tweeting during games and the wrong shoes color, but Miami Dolphins players will be fined $10,000 for playing Angry Birds. The team distrbuted players iPads to learn the 2012 playbook under the condition it be used for team purposes.

New head coach Joe Philbin will fine players $10,000 for visiting sites Youtube and Twitter or downloading a list of apps not related to plays.

Despite the restrictions, players are still happy to be in a digital world. Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill said, “We went from a playbook that was five inches thick to a thin iPad. It’s a lot easier to carry around and study anywhere. Plus, when it comes to film, you can watch it on the plane, take it to your house, wherever. You don’t have to be at the facility.”

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