Kevin Durant sued for stealing “Durantula” nickname

Kevin Durant is one game away from losing the NBA Finals, the entire nation is depending on him to keep LeBron James from winning his first title and now the NBA scoring champion is being sued for allegedly stealing the nickname “Durantula.”

Durant was sued in federal court by Mark Durante, a gutaristst who played with Public Enemy during the 80s and registered “Durantula” trademark in 1993 to sell merchandise and market music.  According to the lawsuit,  Durante is suing for damages and an injunction to keep KD from using the name.

After the Okalahoma City Thunder star was sent a cease and desist order from Durante, his reps denied usage of the nickname. However, in the suit, Durante claims basketballs autographed as “Durtantula” can be purchased at , uses the Twitter hashtag #Durantula and Nike used “Durantula” to launch a shoe campaign.

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