Royals Jeff Francouer throws signed baseball with taped $100 bill to fan

Here’s a reason to go to a Kansas City Royals game, outfielder Jeff Francouer threw a signed baseball with a $100 bill taped to it into the right field bleachers autographed, “To the Quarter! Have a few drinks + dogs on me!”The Royals have named the stadium’s section the “Frency Quarter” in honor of Francouer’s nickname. For every Thursday home game fans in the “Frency Quarter” get a T-shirt and a drink coupon for the price of their ticket… and if you’re lucky a $100 bill from Frency himself.

But Francouer isn’t just a favorite among home team fans, in April while in Oakland, Francouer had 20 personal pizzas delivered by a member of the visiting clubhouse staff to a group of A’s fans. Francouer has quite the following in Oakland, last season he threw a $100 bill into the bleachers telling fans to use it to “buy bacon or beer.” A’s fans now wear ”Bacon Tuesday” shirts and hung a piece of paper bacon from the railing in his honor when the Royals come to town.

After the pizza delivery in Oakland, Frenchy told reporters, ”Baseball is fun. We can take it too serious sometimes.”

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