Tim Tebow changes his dog’s name to Bronx

Tebowmania is taking over New York, and not even canines are safe. In an attempt to fully embrace his new team, Tim Tebow is changing his dog’s name to “Bronx.” Tebow got the Rodesian Ridgeback in 2010, during his rookie season with the Denver Broncos and named  him ”Bronco” after the franchise.  After acquiring Peyton Manning in the off season, the Denver Broncos traded Tebow for a four and sixth-round-draft-pick.

Today was the first day media was allowed into the Jet’s locker room, and Tebow is adjusting quite well to his new surrondings. The story was broke by NY Post Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta, who tweeted:“Tim Tebow will change his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx. #nyj”

For Bronco/ Bronx’s sake, I hope the next team Tebow plays for has a “Bro” name attached to it.

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