US women’s beach volleyball team vows to compete in bikinis

Life, libery and string bikinis… the US women’s beach volleyball team is vowing to stay true to our American values and will compete in their bikinis at the London Games. New Olympic rules allow athletes the option of wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt. The new uniforms were passed to accomodate concerns from nations with stricter religions. 

Misty May-Treanor, the sports all-time winning player and two-time Olympic gold medalist, isn’t fazed by the changes saying: “What you see is what you get — there’s no airbrushing.” While beach volleyball was being critized for being two sexy, in both badminton and boxing, there were pushes to replace female athletes’ shorts with skirts.

Other countries , including Australia, are opting for the uniform changes because of weather concerns.  London temperatures expected to drop to the low 50s. ”We need it to keep our muscles warm,” Australian player Tamsin Hinchley said. ”It’s an extremely strenuous sport.”

Team USA has worn bikinis since beach volleyball became an offical Olympic sport in 1996 and will continue to wear theam. Jen Kessy told the NY Post, If it is cold, we will put clothes on. But we won’t be playing in shorts… We’re not uncomfortable in our bikinis.”

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