NIU football player kicking Toledo tuba player

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Erin Barry Grease video with Tony Parker and Eva Longoria for Spurs promo remake of Sumer Nights

Before the sexting allegations broke, Erin Barry, Eva Longoria, and Tony Parker were in a remake of the Grease song Summer Nights. The video was for a San Antonio Spurs promo for the 2009 NBA season. In the video, Longoria played Sandy and Parker played Danny Zuko. Playing the park of jealous girl with an attitude Rizo is Erin Barry. In the video, Rizzo, or Erin Barry can be seen kicking Longoria’s character into a trash can. #TEAMEVA

…Not seen in the video? Erin Barry’s husband and Parker’s teammate Brent Barry.

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Tom Izzo is staying at Michigan State

Tom Izzo has decided not to take the 5 year $30 million dollar coaching job for the Cleveland Cavilers to stay at Michigan State. Izzo has the head coach of MSU basketball since 1995 and has led the team to a 2000 National Championship and six final fours.

The announcement came Tuesday evening when Izzo held a press conference alongside MSU president Lou Anna Simon and athletic director Mark Hollis.

After a two week courtship many speculated Izzo would take the job especially with LeBron’s approval as thejerseychaser reported Monday.

Izzo addressed the LeBron situation by saying: “Just as I decided to stay home, I hope a 6-8, 270 pound forward in Cleveland decides to stay home.”

I wonder who he was referring to?

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