The other woman in the Tony Parker Eva Longoria divorce: Erin Barry cheated on Brent Barry with husband’s teammate

Sports Illustrated reporter Bryan Armen Graham revealed on Twitter that Erin Barry, Brent Barry’s wife, is the other woman in the Tony Parker Eva Longoria divorce. Erin Barry is accused of having an affair with Parker. Longoria confirmed to friend Mario Lopez that she found out about her husband’s cheating after finding hundreds of text messages on Parker’s phone with another woman, who she said was the wife of one of Parker’s teammates.

After denying rumors of a divorce just yesterday, Longoria filed for divorce in Los Angeles this morning siting “irreconcilable differences”.

Erin and Brent Barry have been dating since she was 16, where they went to separate all-girl and all-boy Catholic high schools. After attending college at nearby Oregon and Oregon State, the couple married in San Francisco in 1998.

In an interview with San Antonio Woman in 2008, Erin said, “After all these years, he’s my best friend. I want to be with him all the time. People always talk about how hard marriage is, and I’m asking myself, ‘Is it me? Is there something I’m not doing right?’ Because for me, being married to Brent isn’t hard at all!”

Erin is involved in many local San Antonio charities helping abused children. She even helped write a House Bill, which later became Senate Bill 6, which mandates sweeping reform for Child Protective Services. Erin credits her work with abused and neglected children since she was born to a single teenage mother and was later adopted. Together, Erin and Brent have a 7-year old boy, Quin.

“I’ve created a place where we’re happy to be home,”Erin told San Antonio Woman. “I love to cook, and I’m good with uncomplicated dishes. I have to follow a recipe — I can’t make it up as I go or just throw a bunch of things together and have it taste good. Brent loves Italian food, and I try to make a lot of his favorites. When Brent is home, we always eat as a family.”

According to her profile on WAG Rankings, a website that rates athlete’s wives:

“Erin Barry is Brent Barry’s wife. Erin Barry has reached the sort of legendary status among San Antonio Spurs fans that few sports wives ever attain. She is, in many ways, the Jamie Kotsay of basketball. Erin and Brent support a number of charities, but their most public involvement has been with the Spurs 5k run/walk, which they have hosted every year since its inception. The race raises money for the Spurs Foundation, which works to prevent child abuse in the San Antonio community.”

According to Erin and Brent Barry are going through a divorce. Brent played on the Spurs until 2008 and was waived by the Houston Rockets last season. Longoira told Lopez that the text messages between Parker and Erin Barry have gone on for more than a year. To read Erin’s full interview with San Antonio Woman click here!

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