Rockies pitcher tweets to play catch with followers

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie needed someone to play catch with on the team’s off-day, so the nine-year veteran turned to his over 34,000 followers. 21-year old Woody Roseland just happened to be checking his Twitter stream when he tweeted, “I live downtown, I have my glove. So I said, let’s do this,” Roseland said. Within 15-minutes, Roseland was at Coors Field with the Rookie’s newest acquisition.

Playing catch with a major leaguer wasn’t even the best part of Roseland’s day. Earlier that afternoon Roseland found out he won his 5-year battle with cancer. After two-and-a-half years of chemotherapy and losing his left leg to a rare-form of bone cancer at age 16, Roseland was officially done with treatment.

Ironically, it wasn’t Roseland’s life that was changed it was Guthrie’s. After meeting Roseland, Guthrie said, “I went out to make a fan’s day and instead he made mine. I not only met a fan, I made a friend for life.”

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TGIF Video: Young White Sox fan runs on the field

This White Sox fan was put in a timeout after he stormed the field only to be intercepted by outfielder Dayan Viciedo.

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Weekend Video: Chicago vs. Chicago baseball debate (filmed in New Jersey)

Check out the New Era commercial featuring Chicago actor/ comedians Craig Robinson and Nick Offerman debating Cubs v. Sox. Though the “Chicago vs. Chicago“ video has won over fans the video was shot in Hoboken, New Jersey!

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Fans can tattle on major leaguers for chewing tobacco

Baseball values sportsmanship but is teaching its young fans it values tattling too! It was announced in November that MLB players are no longer allowed to chew tobacco in games. Under the agreement reached by the league and the players association, major-league players, managers and coaches are not allowed to carry a tobacco tin or package in their uniform at any time fans are in the ballpark. This includes during interviews, autograph sessions and team events.

In an effort to teach young fans to be tobacco free, the league is instead teaching kids to tattle on their heroes. Fans can fill out a complaint under the Knock Tobacco Out of the Park Coalition. The online form requires fans to give the date, player and event they witnessed the violation… no word yet if there is a section to report Jim Leyland smoking cigarettes.

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